About Natural Progression

Our History

For years nothing happened and no significant progress had been made. They longed for a new sound, a more natural sound. It was time for some new inspiration. With that in mind ‘Mr Montego’ and ‘King Robbie’ started out on their search for a new Reggae Band. 


Based in Amsterdam, the group expanded steadily and by now Natural Progression count 11 members. Driven by a passion for Roots and Dub Reggae and inspired by their Jamaican heroes of old (Gregory Isaacs, Jacob Miller, Hugh Mundell and of course Bob Marley) they started writing their own songs, a blend of original sounds, heavy basslines and spiritual lyrics. Rastafari plays a big role in the life of these young artists and obviously that resonates through their music. Also on stage, the positive energy radiates from Natural Progression and under guidance of frontman and lead singer Daniel ‘Mr. Montego’ Kroonenberg, one soon finds him or herself wandering off to a place where standing still is virtually impossible